The Essentials:

In-Demand Job Skills for Success


According to a recent survey, 59% of employers struggle to find a well-balanced set of skills for today’s jobs, costing them productivity. Many employees may possess the necessary technical skills but employers report that they lack the essential skills needed to work productively, effectively and collaboratively within organizations.

You cannot learn the nuances of interpersonal communication, teamwork, critical thinking and adaptability through an app or by interfacing with a machine.  Employees are hired for their technical skills but fired because they lack these essential skills, costing employers more in turnover. See It Thrive™ presents a highly interactive, workshop course of three – four hour sessions designed to allow for maximizing skill development and integration, creating focused plans for improvement and application, while building on the skills from the previous workshop.

These engaging workshops provide a concentrated focus on these essential skills featuring ample opportunities for practice and feedback by an experienced practitioner in the business world who specializes in improving performance and the developing the most important asset an organization has- its people. Participants will acquire the necessary real world skill application, going beyond theory to  implementation, and the everyday “how to” use of these skills.

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