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Recently I spoke with Eric Reamer on KLZ 560 in Denver, CO about Culture, Diversity and Tolerance along with my guest Edward Antonio.   How you interface with others is very important in getting the results you desire for success in the workplace and in life.  You can listen to our interview by clicking the play button below.  I would love to hear your comments about this topic and how it impacts you.


Check out our interview on Colorado’s Voice of the Business and Technology Community for tips on effective leadership techniques.

Leadership is the ability to inspire and elevate performance in others click and scroll down to our interview.
enclosure-voice 1294_ 10/8/12 – “ People want to be great. Effective leaders find a way to capture people’s desires to be their best, and they encourage and cultivate that desire. When a leader can operate in that capacity, they thrive…. as do the people they are leading.” Sue Kenfield

Larry sat down with Sue Kenfield, the president of See It Thrive™, a performance improvement consulting company and she is passionately dedicated to connecting people with their highest potential. She has been a professional in the area of human behavior for over twenty-five years. Listen to Sue and you will gain an increased awareness of the importance of being versatile, how it determines our success in work and life as well as learn some steps to improve versatility. A key to this interview is how Sue focuses on ‘people being versatile’. She knows that mastering the multitude of behaviors present in effective leaders requires a commitment to ongoing development. With this mastery, leaders are able to be more versatile in responding to the various situations that usually arise. Larry asked a number of questions about versatility. “How would you describe versatility?” “What gets in the way of people being versatile?” “What is the ultimate value of improving our versatility in the workplace?” “What are some steps people can take to increase their versatility? Listen to Sue as she expands on these questions and get ready to take notes…

W3W3 Interview

For more information on this topic, please read our blog post “How You Can Get More Profitable Results As A Leader”,

We would love to hear your comments and your experiences of the impact of versatility.