Four Common Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Success

In the pursuit of success, too often we look beyond those things that we do that impede our progress.  We can see it daily in others all over the news, whether in politics or entertainment. Derailers come in many forms, and they are often self-inflicted. The following are some common ways I see people derail their success which often leaves them confused about why they are not moving forward in their work and relationships, and some tips on how to turn things around.

  1. Catastrophizing- When people engage in catastrophizing they blow things out of proportion and often assume the worst case scenario. It involves over exaggerations, a pessimistic or negative focus, and [Read more…]

How Do You Address the Trust Gap?

We hear a lot about trust these days, trust between Greece and the European Union, police and Trust wordcommunity members, Iran and the United States as well as organizations and employees.  A while back, a national news story received a lot of attention. The title of the news story was “More Americans Becoming Trust Wary” written by Connie Cass . The basis of the story is that Americans are less likely to trust one another now than 40 years ago when the question was first asked in the General Social Survey. The results of this poll caused me to think more deeply about how trust impacts success.

The question this poll asked was, [Read more…]

Looking Up!

Where are you placing your focus and how is it serving you? As the year winds down it is an excellent time to consider shifting your focus. I was fortunate to go to Florida recently to watch the launch of the Orion spacecraft. It was an exciting week, full of activities and my first visit to the Kennedy Space Center. The accomplishments in space spaceexploration are remarkable! What I was reminded of during this experience is how remarkable we are, as individuals and as a society. We are capable of such greatness! [Read more…]

The High Cost of Tension and Drama

Conflict…sometimes the very word can create tension in people.  Conflict in and of itself is not bad.  The negative connotations that are often associated with conflict are a result of how conflict is managed and how it makes us feel.  It tends to be a natural part of human interaction for many reasons.  We each approach situations in unique and different ways.  Understanding that about the people we work and live with can help minimize conflict.

What are the consequences of conflict?  Amazing results can be achieved by having to work through differing opinions of how situations or projects should be approached. [Read more…]